55A-10-05. Articles of amendment.

A corporation amending its articles of incorporation shall deliver to the Secretary of State for filing articles of amendment setting forth:

(1) The name of the corporation;

(2) The text of each amendment adopted;

(3) The date of each amendment's adoption;

(4) If approval of members was not required, a statement to that effect and a brief explanation of why member action was not required, and a statement that the amendment was approved by a sufficient vote of the board of directors or incorporators;

(5) If approval by members was required, a statement that member approval was obtained as required by this Chapter;

(6) If approval of the amendment by some person or persons other than the members, the board, or the incorporators is required pursuant to G.S. 55A-10-30, a statement that the approval was obtained. (1955, c. 1230; 1993, c. 398, s. 1.)