Part 3. Revocation of Certificate of Authority.

55A-15-30. Grounds for revocation.

(a) The Secretary of State may commence a proceeding under G.S. 55A-15-31 to revoke the certificate of authority of a foreign corporation authorized to conduct affairs in this State if:

(1) Repealed by Session Laws 1995, c. 539, s. 28.

(2) The foreign corporation does not pay within 60 days after they are due any penalties, fees, or other payments due under this Chapter;

(3) The foreign corporation is without a registered agent or registered office in this State for 60 days or more;

(4) The foreign corporation does not inform the Secretary of State under G.S. 55D-31 or G.S. 55D-32 that its registered agent or registered office has changed, that its registered agent has resigned, or that its registered office has been discontinued within 60 days of the change, resignation, or discontinuance;

(5) An incorporator, director, officer, or agent of the foreign corporation signs a document he knew was false in any material respect with intent that the document be delivered to the Secretary of State for filing;

(6) The Secretary of State receives a duly authenticated certificate from the secretary of state or other official having custody of corporate records in the state or country under whose law the foreign corporation is incorporated stating that it has been dissolved or disappeared as the result of a merger;

(7) The corporation is exceeding the authority conferred upon it by this Chapter; or

(8) The corporation knowingly fails or refuses to answer truthfully and fully within the time prescribed in this Chapter interrogatories propounded by the Secretary of State in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter.

(b) Nothing herein shall be deemed to repeal or modify any provision of the Revenue Act relating to the suspension of the certificate of authority of foreign corporations for failure to comply with the provisions thereof. (1955, c. 1230; 1993, c. 398, s. 1; 1995, c. 509, s. 32; c. 539, s. 28; 2001-358, s. 48(f); 2001-387, ss. 173, 175(a); 2001-413, s. 6.)