Article 17.

Transition and Curative Provisions.

55A-17-01. Applicability of Chapter.

(a) The provisions of this Chapter relating to domestic corporations shall apply to:

(1) All corporations heretofore or hereafter organized under this Chapter.

(2) All nonprofit corporations without capital stock heretofore or hereafter organized under any other act, unless there is some other specific statutory provision particularly applicable to such corporations or inconsistent with some provisions of this Chapter, in which case that other provision prevails. Nothing herein shall apply to hospital and medical service corporations as defined in Article 65 of Chapter 58 of the General Statutes which were incorporated prior to July 1, 1957, or repeal or modify the provisions of G.S. 54-138.

(b) The provisions of this Chapter relating to foreign corporations shall apply to all corporations conducting affairs in this State for purposes for which a corporation might be organized under this Chapter. A foreign corporation authorized to conduct affairs in this State on July 1, 1994, is subject to this Chapter but is not required to obtain a new certificate of authority to conduct affairs under this Chapter. (1955, c. 1230; 1967, c. 659; 1991, c. 720, s. 76; 1993, c. 398, s. 1; 1995, c. 400, s. 12.)