Article 3.

Civil Actions and Proceedings.

6-18. When costs allowed as of course to plaintiff.

Costs shall be allowed of course to the plaintiff, upon a recovery, in the following cases:

(1) In an action for the recovery of real property, or when a claim of title to real property arises on the pleadings, or is certified by the court to have come in question at the trial.

(2) In an action to recover the possession of personal property.

(3) In an action for assault, battery, false imprisonment, libel, slander, malicious prosecution, criminal conversation or seduction, if the plaintiff recovers less than fifty dollars ($50.00) damages, he shall recover no more costs than damages.

(4) When several actions are brought on one bond, recognizance, promissory note, bill of exchange or instrument in writing, or in any other case, for the same cause of action against several parties who might have been joined as defendants in the same action, no costs other than disbursements shall be allowed to the plaintiff in more than one of such actions, which shall be at his election, provided the party or parties proceeded against in such other action or actions were within the State and not secreted at the commencement of the previous action or actions.

(5) In an action brought under Article 1 of Chapter 19A. (R.C., c. 31, s. 78; 1874-5, c. 119; Code, s. 525; Rev., s. 1264; C.S., s. 1241; 1971, c. 269, s. 6; 1979, c. 808, s. 5.)