Article 11.

Marking and Notice of Meteorological Towers.

63-110. Marking of meteorological towers.

(a) As used in this Article, the term:

(1) "Height" means the distance from the base of a tower to the highest point of the tower.

(2) "Meteorological tower" means a structure that is either self-standing or supported by guy wires and ground anchors and has guy wires and accessory facilities on which equipment used to measure wind speed and direction is mounted. "Meteorological tower" does not include a structure that is affixed or located adjacent to a building, house, or barn.

(b) Except as required by federal law, rule, or regulation, any meteorological tower over 50 feet in height shall be marked and painted or otherwise constructed to be visible in clear air during daylight hours from a distance of not less than 2,000 feet. Meteorological towers shall also comply with the following additional requirements:

(1) A meteorological tower shall be painted in equal alternating bands of aviation orange and white, beginning with orange at the top of the tower.

(2) One marker ball shall be attached to the top third of each outside guy wire.

(3) Guy wires shall have a seven-foot-long safety sleeve at each anchor point that extends from the anchor point along each guy wire attached to the anchor point. (2015-263, s. 10(a).)