63-111. Registration; notification; tower database; penalty.

(a) The Department of Transportation shall adopt rules requiring any person proposing to construct a meteorological tower to register with the Department. The person proposing to construct the tower shall notify the Department of the proposal, the location and height of the proposed tower, and any other information the Department may require to ensure aviation safety and shall pay a registration fee of three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00). The rules shall require the owner of a meteorological tower to notify the Department upon removal or destruction of a tower.

(b) The Department of Transportation shall establish and maintain an electronic database that contains the location of all meteorological towers in the State by January 1, 2017. The Department may contract with a governmental entity or private entity to create and maintain the database. The Department shall make the contents of the database available on its Web site. (2015-263, s. 10(a).)