69-25.10. Means of abolishing tax district.

Upon a petition of fifteen percent (15%) of the resident freeholders of any special fire protection district or area, at intervals of not less than two years, the board of county commissioners or the joint boards of county commissioners, if the area lies in more than one county, shall call an election to abolish the special tax for fire protection for the area, the election to be called and conducted as provided in G.S. 69-25.2; if a majority of the registered voters vote to abolish said tax, the commissioners shall cease levy and collecting same and any unused funds of the district shall be turned over to and used by the county commissioners of the county collecting same as a part of its general fund, and any property or properties of the district or the proceeds thereof shall be distributed, used or disposed of equitably by the board of county commissioners or the boards of county commissioners. (1953, c. 453, s. 4.)