69-25.2. Duties of county board of commissioners regarding conduct of elections; cost of holding.

The board of county commissioners, after consulting with the county board of elections, shall set a date for the special election in accordance with G.S. 163-287 by resolution adopted. The county board of elections shall hold and conduct the election in the district. The county board of elections shall advertise and conduct said election, in accordance with the provisions of this Article and with the procedures prescribed in Chapter 163 governing the conduct of special and general elections. The cost of holding the election to establish a district shall be paid by the county, provided that if the district is established, then the county shall be reimbursed the cost of the election from the taxes levied within the district, but the cost of an election to increase the allowable tax under G.S. 69-25.1 or to abolish a fire district under G.S. 69-25.10 shall be paid from the funds of the district. (1951, c. 820, s. 2; 1975, c. 706; 1981, c. 786, s. 2; 2013-381, s. 10.7; 2017-6, s. 3; 2018-146, ss. 3.1(a), (b), 6.1.)