§ 74-24.13.  Mandatory reporting.

Under such regulations as he may prescribe, the Commissioner shall require that:

(1)        Operators of mines which are subject to this Article submit, at least annually and at such other times as he deems necessary, and in such form as he may prescribe, reports of "accidents," injuries, occupational disease, and related data, and the Commissioner through the Director shall compile, analyze, and publish, either in summary or detailed form, the information obtained; and all information, reports, orders, or findings, obtained or issued under this Article may be published and released to any interested person, and shall be made available for public inspection.

(2)        All "accidents" shall be investigated by the operator or his  agent to determine the cause and the means of preventing a recurrence. Records of such "accidents" and investigations shall be kept, and the information shall be made readily available for inspection by the Commissioner or his authorized representative. Such records shall include man-hours worked and shall be reported for periods determined by the Commissioner, but at least annually.

(3)        The operators of mines which are subject to this Article shall notify the Commissioner, before starting operations, of the approximate or actual date mine operations will commence. The notification shall include mine name, location, the company name, mailing address, the person in charge, and whether operations will be continuous or intermittent. When any mine subject to this Article is closed, the operator shall notify the Commissioner of such closure and indicate whether the closure is temporary or permanent. (1975, c. 206, s. 13.)