74-24.5. Modification of safety and health standards.

Upon petition by an operator, a representative of miners, or a miner, the Commissioner may modify the application of any safety and health standard to a mine if the Commissioner determines that an alternative method of protecting the miners will guarantee the same measure of protection afforded the miners by the standard, or will enhance the level of safety and health provided by that standard. Upon receipt of such petition the Commissioner shall give public notice thereof and give notice to the operator, the representative of miners, or the miner in the affected mine, as appropriate, and shall cause such investigation to be made as he deems appropriate. Such investigation shall provide an opportunity for a public hearing, at the request of such operator, representative of the miners, or miner to enable the operator, the representative of miners, or miner in such mine or any interested party to present information relating to the modification of such standard. The Commissioner shall issue a decision incorporating his findings of fact therein and send a copy thereof to the operator, the representative of the miners, or miner as appropriate. A record shall be kept of a public hearing held under this section. The decision of the Commissioner is considered a final agency decision for purposes of judicial review. (1975, c. 206, s. 5; 1987, c. 827, s. 258.)