74-35. Free access to mine for survey.

Upon the order made for the survey in the manner, at the time, and by the persons mentioned in the order, which shall include a representative of the party making the application, who shall not be one of the surveyors, there shall be given free access to the mine for the purpose of survey, and any interference with the persons acting under the order of survey shall be contempt of court and punished accordingly. If the persons named in the order of survey so require, they, with their instruments, shall be carefully lowered and raised in and out of the mine with the cage, bucket, or skip ordinarily used in the shafts of the mine; and they may demand of the owner of the mine, or his manager or agent, that they be so raised and lowered at a speed agreeable to them and not to endanger their comfort and safety or to injure the accuracy of their instruments. The owner of the mine, his managers or agents, shall be liable in damages to the persons making the examination for any injury to them or to their instruments, caused by the careless and negligent operation of any bucket, cage, or skip at such a high rate of speed as to injure the persons or their instruments while being lowered or raised in the mine. (1913, c. 51, s. 2; C.S., s. 6930.)