74-55. Reclamation report.

(a) By September 1 of each year, the operator shall file a report of activities completed during the preceding year on a form prescribed by the Department, which includes all of the following:

(1) Identify the mine, the operator and the permit number.

(2) State acreage disturbed by mining in the last 12-month period.

(3) State and describe amount and type of reclamation carried out in the last 12-month period.

(4) Estimate acreage to be newly disturbed by mining in the next 12-month period.

(5) Provide such maps as may be specifically requested by the Department.

(6) Include the annual operating fee pursuant to G.S. 74-54.1(a1).

(b) When filing the annual report, the permittee shall pay the annual operating fee for the permit to the Department by September 1 of each year until the permit has been terminated by the Department. The Department may assess and collect a monthly penalty for each annual report or annual operating fee not filed by September 30 of each year until the annual report and annual operating fee are filed with the Department. If the required annual report and operating fee, including any late payment penalties, are not filed by December 31 of each year, the Department shall give written notice to the operator and shall then initiate permit revocation proceedings in accordance with G.S. 74-58. (1971, c. 545, s. 10; 1987, c. 827, s. 85; 2017-209, s. 13(f); 2020-74, s. 10.)