85B-5. Licensing of nonresidents.

(a) Any person who holds a valid auctioneer license in another state may apply for and be granted a reciprocal North Carolina license if the resident state in which the person is licensed has minimum training or experience standards which are acceptable to the Commission but are not more lenient than those required by this Chapter, if the resident state extends similar reciprocal privileges to auctioneers who are residents of and licensed by the State of North Carolina.

(b) An applicant under this section shall submit an application and other documentation and proof of eligibility for licensure as may be required by the Commission, but shall not be required to take the examination required under G.S. 85B-4. Applicants shall pay the appropriate fee under G.S. 85B-6 and shall file with the Commission an irrevocable consent that service on the Executive Director of the Commission shall be sufficient service of process for actions against the applicant by a resident of this State arising out of his auctioneering activities.

(c) An applicant under this section shall make the contribution to the Fund as required by G.S. 85B-4.1. Any license issued under this section shall be marked to indicate that its holder is a nonresident reciprocal licensee.

(d) A license issued pursuant to this section shall be valid from the date of issuance to the following June 30 and may be renewed from year to year unless suspended or revoked pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter or rule of the Commission, provided that the licensee continues to be a resident of and duly licensed in good standing in the licensee's resident state.

(e) Any person licensed under this section shall notify the Commission of the lapse, surrender, suspension, revocation, or any other act amounting to a loss of license in the person's resident state. The notice must be sent to the Commission, by certified mail, return receipt requested, within 10 days of the occurrence.

(f) Any person licensed under this section shall provide the Commission with written notice of any change of business address or residence within 10 days of the occurrence.

(g) Any license issued under this section shall be immediately suspended or revoked based upon the occurrence of any of the events set out in subsection (e) of this section or based upon a change of principal state residence of the reciprocal licensee.

(h) Any person whose license is terminated as a result of a change of principal state residence may reapply for reciprocal status provided the person is otherwise eligible for a license based upon the new state residence, and submits with the application the fees required by the Commission.

(i) Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, a reciprocal licensee who subsequently becomes a domiciliary of the State of North Carolina may request, by application, that the reciprocal license be converted to that of an in-State licensee without having to take the State exam required by G.S. 85B-4. The Commission may, however, require an applicant to pay processing and application fees it deems appropriate. (1973, c. 552, s. 5; 1983, c. 603, s. 5; c. 751, ss. 9-11; 1989, c. 732, s. 4; 1991 (Reg. Sess., 1992), c. 819, s. 17.)