86B-30. Mobile barbershops.

(a) A motor home as defined in Article 1 of Chapter 20 of the General Statutes may be used as a mobile barbershop for the practice of barbering.

(b) The Board shall issue a permit to operate a mobile barbershop to any applicant who submits a properly completed application on a form approved by the Board, pays the required fee, and is determined after inspection to be in compliance with the provisions of this Chapter and the Board's rules.

(c) The Board shall adopt rules for the operation, permitting, and inspection of mobile barbershops, including standards for facilities, personnel, and safety and sanitary requirements. All permitting and operating requirements provided by this Chapter or by rules adopted by the Board pursuant to this Chapter that apply to barbershops shall also apply to mobile barbershops, except to the extent that the requirements conflict with this section or with any rules adopted by the Board pursuant to this section.

(d) In addition to the requirements of this Chapter, individuals and the vehicles they operate while providing mobile barbershop services shall be subject to the provisions of (i) Chapter 20 of the General Statutes, (ii) Title 19A of the North Carolina Administrative Code, (iii) all applicable OSHA requirements, and (iv) all local laws and ordinances regulating business establishments.

(e) A mobile barbershop must be equipped with a functional sink and toilet facilities and must maintain an adequate supply of clean water and wastewater storage capacity.

(f) No barbering or service may be performed in a mobile barbershop while the barbershop is moving. The mobile barbershop must be safely parked in a legal parking spot at all times while patrons are present inside the mobile barbershop.

(g) A mobile barbershop owner must maintain a permanent business address at which records of appointments, itineraries, license numbers, and vehicle identification numbers for each mobile barbershop being operated shall be kept and made available for verification and inspection by the Board and at which all correspondence from the Board can be received.

(h) To facilitate periodic inspections of mobile barbershops, prior to the beginning of each month, the owner of the barbershop shall provide to the Board a written monthly itinerary listing locations, dates, and hours of operation for the barbershop. (2022-72, s. 2.)