86B-39. Instructors.

(a) The Board shall issue an instructor's license to any currently licensed barber who has passed an instructor's examination given by the Board. This examination shall cover the subjects listed in G.S. 86B-38(4) and in the Textbook of Barber Styling approved by the Board.

(b) A person desiring to take an instructor's examination must make application to the Board for examination on forms to be furnished by the Board and pay the instructor's examination fee. Each person who passes the instructor's examination shall be issued a license as an instructor by paying the issuance fee. Every instructor's license shall expire on May 31 of each year. Any instructor's license issued under this Chapter is automatically suspended by operation of law after failure to renew the instructor's license by the expiration date and may be renewed only upon payment of all lapsed renewal fees and the required late fee. Any person whose instructor's license has expired for a period of three years or more shall be required to take and pass the instructor's examination before the license can be renewed. (1945, c. 830, s. 8; 1961, c. 577, s. 5; 1973, c. 1331, s. 3; 1979, c. 695, s. 1; 1981, c. 457, s. 13; 1995 (Reg. Sess., 1996), c. 605, s. 12; recodified from N.C. Gen. Stat. 86A-23 by 2022-72, s. 1(dd); 2022-72, s. 2.)