88B-5. Meetings and compensation of the Board.

(a) Each member of the Board shall receive compensation for services and expenses as provided in G.S. 93B-5, but shall be limited to payment for services deemed official business of the Board when such business exceeds three continuous hours per day. Official business of the Board includes meetings called by the chair and time spent inspecting cosmetic art shops and schools as permitted by this Chapter. No payment for per diem or travel expenses shall be authorized or paid for Board meetings other than those called by the chair. The Board may annually select one member to attend a national state board of cosmetic arts meeting on official business of the Board. No other Board members shall be authorized to attend trade shows or to travel out-of-state at the Board's expense.

(b) The Board shall hold four regular meetings a year in the months of January, April, July, and October. The chair may call additional meetings whenever necessary. (1933, c. 179, ss. 15, 17; 1935, c. 54, ss. 3, 4; 1941, c. 234, s. 2; 1943, c. 354, s. 2; 1957, c. 1184, s. 2; 1971, c. 355, ss. 2, 3; c. 616, ss. 1, 3; 1973, c. 1360, ss. 2-4; 1975, c. 857, ss. 4, 5; 1981, c. 615, s. 11; 1983, c. 913, s. 9; 1989, c. 650, ss. 2, 3; 1995, c. 541, s. 2; 1998-230, s. 2.)