88B-6. Board office, employees, funds, budget requirements.

(a) The Board shall maintain its office in Wake County, North Carolina.

(b) The Board shall employ an executive director who shall not be a member of the Board. The executive director shall keep all records of the Board, issue all necessary notices, and perform any other duties required by the Board.

(c) With the approval of the Director of the Budget and the Office of State Human Resources, the Board may employ as many inspectors, investigators, and other staff as necessary to perform inspections and other duties prescribed by the Board. Inspectors and investigators shall be experienced in all parts of cosmetic art and shall have authority to examine cosmetic art shops and cosmetic art schools during business hours to determine compliance with this Chapter.

(d) The salaries of all employees of the Board, excluding the executive director, shall be subject to the North Carolina Human Resources Act. The executive director shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.

(e) The executive director may collect in the Board's name and on its behalf the fees prescribed in this Chapter and shall turn these and any other monies paid to the Board over to the State Treasurer. These funds shall be credited to the Board and shall be held and expended under the supervision of the Director of the Budget only for the administration and enforcement of this Chapter. Nothing in this Chapter shall authorize any expenditure in excess of the amount credited to the Board and held by the State Treasurer as provided in this subsection.

(f) The Executive Budget Act and the North Carolina Human Resources Act apply to the administration of this Chapter. (1933, c. 179, ss. 14, 15; 1935, c. 54, s. 3; 1941, c. 234, s. 2; 1943, c. 354, ss. 1, 2; 1957, c. 1184, ss. 1, 2; 1969, c. 844, s. 4; 1971, c. 355, ss. 1-3; c. 616, ss. 1-3; 1973, c. 1360, s. 2; 1975, c. 857, ss. 3, 4; 1981, c. 615, s. 11; c. 884, s. 7; 1983, c. 913, s. 9; 1989, c. 650, s. 2.; 1998-230, s. 2; 2009-471, ss. 2.1, 2.2; 2009-521, s. 1.2; 2013-382, s. 9.1(c); 2018-114, s. 3.)