89B-13. Revocations and reissuance of registration.

The Board may revoke or suspend the certificate of registration of any registrant who it finds has committed gross negligence, fraud, deceit or flagrant misconduct in the practice of forestry or has demonstrated incompetence as a practicing forester. The Board may designate a person or persons to investigate and report to it upon any charges of fraud, deceit, gross negligence, incompetency or other misconduct by a registrant in the practice of forestry.

Any person may prefer charges against a registrant. The charges shall be in writing, sworn to by the person making them, and filed with the secretary of the Board. The time and place for a hearing before the Board shall be fixed by the Board. At any hearing the accused may appear in person or by counsel. The Board may reissue a certificate of registration to any person whose certificate of registration has been revoked or suspended. (1975, c. 531, s. 13; 1998-157, s. 1.)