89B-2. Definitions.

As used in this Chapter:

(1) "Board" means the State Board of Registration for Foresters, provided for by this Chapter.

(2) "Forester" means a person who by reason of special knowledge and training in natural sciences, mathematics, silviculture, forest protection, forest mensuration, forest management, forest economics, and forest utilization is qualified to engage in the practice of forestry.

(2a) "Forestry" means the professional practice embracing the science, business, and the art of creating, conserving, and managing forests and forestlands for the sustained use and enjoyment of their resources, material, or other forest produce.

(3) "Practice of forestry" means rendering professional forestry services, including but not limited to, consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning, or other forestry activities requiring knowledge, training, and experience in forestry principles and techniques.

(4) "Registered forester" means a person who has been registered pursuant to this Chapter.

(5) "Consulting forester" means a registered forester who:

a. through c. Repealed by Session Laws 1998-157, s.1.

d. Is competent to practice forest management, appraisal, development, marketing, protection, and utilization for the benefit of the general public on a fee, contractual, or contingency basis;

e. Has not engaged in any practice that constitutes a conflict of interest or in any way diminishes his ability to represent the best interests of his clients; and

f. Has filed annually an affidavit with the Board in accordance with G.S. 89B-14(b).

(6) "Urban forester" means a person who engages in the practice of forestry in an urban setting that involves municipal ownership, homesteads, parks and woodlots, and similar urban properties. (1975, c. 531, s. 2; 1989, c. 169; 1998-157, s. 1.)