89E-7. Limitations.

(a) This Chapter does not prohibit one or more geologists from practicing through the business organization of a sole proprietorship; partnership; corporation or professional association. In a partnership, the primary activity of which consists of geological services, at least one partner shall be a licensed geologist as defined in this Chapter. A corporation or professional association providing geological services shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 55B of the General Statutes.

(b) This Chapter shall not be construed to prevent or to affect:

(1) The practice of any profession or trade for which a license is required under any other law of this State, or the practice of registered professional engineers from lawfully practicing soils mechanics, foundation engineering and other professional engineering as provided in the North Carolina General Statutes, or licensed architects or landscape architects from lawfully practicing architecture or landscape architecture, or the practice of soil science by professionals certified by the Soil Science Society of North Carolina, respectively as provided in the General Statutes;

(2) The public practice of geology by a person not a resident of and having no established place of business in this State, when such practice does not exceed in the aggregate more than 90 days in any calendar year, and provided such person is duly licensed to practice such profession in another state where the requirements for a license are not lower than those specified in this Chapter for obtaining the license required for such work; and provided further that such nonresident shall file with the Board within 10 days of entering this State for commencing of such work, a statement giving his name, residence, the number of his license, and by what authority issued, and upon the completion of the work, a statement of the time engaged in such work within the State; or

(3) The practice of a person not a resident and having no established place of business in this State, or who has recently become a resident hereof, practicing or offering to practice herein for more than 90 days in any calendar year the profession of geology, if he is licensed in another state or qualified as defined herein, if he shall have filed with the Board an application for a license and shall have paid the fee required by this Chapter. Such practice shall be deemed a provisional practice and shall continue only for such time as the Board requires reasonably for the consideration of the applicant for licensing under this Chapter as a geologist. (1983 (Reg. Sess., 1984), c. 1074, s. 1; 1991, c. 205, s. 5.)