§ 89G-10.  Expenses and fees.

(a)        The Board may impose the following fees not to exceed the amounts listed below:

(1)        Application fee                                                                  $100.00

(2)        Examination fee                                                                   200.00

(3)        Individual license fee and individual

            license renewal fee                                                              100.00

(3a)      Business entity or foreign entity license fee

            and business entity or foreign entity license

            renewal fee                                                                           100.00

(4)        Late renewal fee                                                                    50.00

(5)        License by reciprocity                                                         250.00

(6)        Reinstatement fee                                                                250.00

(7)        Duplicate license                                                                   25.00.

(b)        When the Board uses a testing service for the preparation, administration, or grading of examinations, the Board may charge the applicant the actual cost of the examination services.

(c)        The Board must annually review the fees set out in this section to determine whether these fees reflect the actual cost of administering this act and seek legislative changes to the fees if necessary.  (2008-177, ss. 1, 5; 2013-383, s. 6.)