90A-21. Water Treatment Facility Operators Board of Certification.

(a) Board Membership. - There is hereby established within the Department of Environmental Quality a Water Treatment Facility Operators Board of Certification (hereinafter termed the "Board of Certification") composed of eight members to be appointed by the Governor as follows:

(1) One member who is currently employed as a water treatment facility operator;

(2) One member who is manager of a North Carolina municipality using a surface water supply;

(3) One member who is manager of a North Carolina municipality using a treated groundwater supply;

(4) One member who is employed as a director of utilities, water superintendent, or equivalent position with a North Carolina municipality;

(5) One member employed by a private water utility or private industry and who is responsible for the operation or supervision of a water supply and treatment facility;

(6) One member who is a faculty member of a four-year college or university whose major field is related to water supply;

(7) One member employed by the Department of Environmental Quality and working in the field of water supply;

(8) One member not certified or regulated under this Article, who shall represent the interest of the public at large.

(b) Terms of Office. - All members serving on the Board on June 30, 1981, shall complete their respective terms. No member appointed to the Board on or after July 1, 1981, shall serve more than two complete consecutive three-year terms, except that the member employed by the Department of Environmental Quality may serve more than two consecutive terms, and except that each member shall serve until his successor is appointed and qualifies. The Governor may remove any member for good cause shown and shall appoint members to fill unexpired terms. The Governor shall appoint the public member not later than July 1, 1981.

(c) Powers and Responsibilities. - The Board of Certification shall establish all rules, regulations and procedures with respect to the certification program and advise and assist the Secretary of Environmental Quality in its administration.

(d) Compensation. - Members of the Board of Certification who are officers or employees of State agencies or institutions shall receive subsistence and travel allowances at the rates authorized by G.S. 138-5.

(e) Officers. - The Board shall elect a chairman and all other necessary officers to serve one-year terms. A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

(f) Annual Report. - The Board shall report annually to the Governor a full statement of its disciplinary and enforcement programs and activities during the year, together with such recommendations as it may deem expedient. (1969, c. 1059, s. 2; 1973, c. 476, s. 128; 1981, c. 616, ss. 1-5; 1989, c. 727, s. 219(7); 1997-443, s. 11A.24; 2015-241, ss. 14.30(u), (v).)