90A-78. Certification renewal.

(a) Renewal. - All certifications shall expire at intervals determined by the Board unless they are renewed. In no event may the interval determined by the Board be less than one year. To renew a certification, a contractor or inspector must meet all of the following conditions:

(1) Submit an application for renewal on the form prescribed by the Board.

(2) Meet the continuing education requirements prescribed by the Board.

(3) Pay the certification renewal fee.

(b) Late Fee. - A contractor or inspector with an expired certificate may renew the certification within 90 days of its expiration upon payment of a late fee set by the Board. The late fee shall not exceed twenty-five dollars ($25.00). If a certification is not renewed within 90 days of its expiration, the certification shall not be renewed, and the holder must apply for a new certificate. (2006-82, s. 1.)